JYRO Quarantine Diaries: The Videos

September 23, 2020

The JYRO (Previously Icarus) Quarantine Diaries brought to you by our illustrious JYRO Test Jumper. There were days, many days, where they weren’t sure what was going on. Which, let’s face it, is pretty standard for those guys regardless of whether we’re in a global crisis. Surprise haircuts, Gilmore Girls and a new JYRO Test Jumper kept our guys entertained during lockdown.



1. JYRO Quarantine Diaries | The Lockdown


Our JYRO Test Jumpers were too busy frothing over prototypes to get prepared for the zombie apocalypse. They’re at a bit of a loss with what to do with themselves now life as we know it has ended! Until they discovered a truly timeless, entertaining and educational TV series…




2. R & D Forever


On Day 8 of Icarus Quarantine Diaries, we welcome a new test jumper to the Research & Development team. There’s a good chance his name is Chris.




3. The Daily Routine During Quarantine


Just another day in the life of an JYRO (Previously Icarus) Testie on lockdown…




4. The New World


We must remain strong in the these tough times, for there is light, and beer at the end of the tunnel.” – Chris, JYRO (Previously Icarus) Testie.




5. It’s Business Time


In quarantine, it’s been said that everyone is just a week away from doing something traumatic to their hair. For JYRO (previously Icarus) Testie Chris, that day is here… Check out his back-to-work-do!




6. All the Quarantine Challenges


Yep, quarantine brought out some crazy soc. med. challenges. Never one to shy away from a challenge, ourJYRO (Previously Icarus) Testie Chris gave them a crack. Nailed it. Maybe.




7. This is the End


Chris adjusts to the new normal at the JYRO (Previously NZ Aerosports) factory and misses his fellow two Chris’s…don’t miss the final episode of JYRO (previously Icarus) Quarantine Diaries! 💀 P.S. The singing cameo from Chris at 0:43 is a must-see.




Chur for watching our JYRO Quarantine Diaries videos


That’s all folks. Our JYRO (Previously Icarus) Testies are back jumping now that the world has opened up, so their normal Test Jump Diaries will resume. Fingers crossed anyway. This pandemic ain’t over yet, so we may yet get to see what else our Testies will do when they’re bored…



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