World Cup Triumph – Cedric Veiga Rios wins Gold

December 4, 2019

It was a great turn out for the 10th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting with 101 competitors representing 24 countries. Billy Sharman and his team put on an amazing show, streaming the whole event live for the first time with commentary from Peter ‘Irish’ Sutton and Julie Teague. In addition, InTime Scoring gave us real-time scores with results coming through straight away – it made for some nail-biting viewing! As a result, there was lots of cheering and jumping around (here at Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports, now JYRO, World Headquarters) as the athletes ripped it up, went hard and didn’t hold back!


Opening Ceremony antics with Icarus Canopies' own Chris Stewart

Opening Ceremony antics with Chris Stewart & Beau Riebe


Cedric Veiga Rios getting interviewed

Julie Teague interviewing Cedric Veiga Rios (Photo: Kenneth Gajda)

Cedric cleaned up and placed 1st in ALL disciplines! It was a massive achievement and was a first for NZ Aerosports (now JYRO) too – yes, beer fines have been paid (and drunk)! Marco Fürst had a great competition, showing consistency in all his flying. It paid off with a 1st in Zone Accuracy and placing 3rd Overall.

Overall Podium

Icarus (now JYRO) Athletes Cedric and Marco on the Overall Winner podium with Curt Bartholomew.

A very surprised Nicolas Gallo took 3rd place in Zone Accuracy, a great result for him as a newbie to the CP comp scene. Cedric’s team mate Eric Philippe joined him on the podium in 3rd place in Distance. There were no surprises when the French team took the top spot in the Team Overall category!


Skydive Pretoria is 4095ft above sea level which makes for some super fast landings and speedy canopies. Our athletes sure made the most of this, with records broken throughout the entire competition. Cornelia Mihai threw the gauntlet down first, busting out a Distance Record of 176m on Round 1. After that, we saw Cedric push his Icarus (now JYRO) Petra to a whopping 183m, setting a new World Record in Distance!

Cornelia Mihai after setting a new World Record with her Icarus Canopies Petra

Cornelia Mihai walking back from her 176m distance run. Photo: Chris Stewart

Max Manow set a new German Distance record with 169m and Gary Wieland set a new Swiss Distance record with 158m. Nice work guys!

Similarly to his international Icarus (now JYRO) Athletes mates, Lee Barraclough from New Zealand showed just how hungry he was, taking his Icarus (now JYRO) Petra to a new Oceanic Distance record – 168m!


When the competition moved onto the Speed rounds, there was full expectation on seeing the 2 second mark beaten. The competitors did not disappoint and it wasn’t long until we had some new records! Leigh McCormack beat Robbie McMillan’s Oceanic Speed Record with an amazing 1.978 seconds! Our very own Kiwi lad Kieran ‘Kitsch’ Baldwin smashed the New Zealand Speed record with a run of 2.010 seconds. Overall, great results for athletes representing Icarus Canopies! In other words… we’re stoked as!

Leigh Macca McCormack flying his Icarus Canopies Petra

Leigh McCormack showing some Icarus Petra power. Photo: Kenneth Gajda


1st place Cedric Veiga Rios
3rd place Marco Furst

1st place Marco Furst
3rd place Nicolas Gallo

1st place Cedric Veiga Rios

1st place Cedric Veiga Rios
3rd place Eric Phillipe

Big shout out to Billy, Angie and the Skydive Pretoria crew for putting on such a cool event! Still can’t believe the live stream was out the back of a Volvo – what a legendary team of camera guys.

A big warm THANK YOU to all Icarus (now JYRO) athletes for choosing to represent Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports (now JYRO) – you are rockstars! We can’t wait to see the next competition!

For the full results in InTime Scoring, click here
Check out the recorded action on the 10th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting 2019 Facebook page
Feature Photo Credit: Kenneth Gajda


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