Get Current in Skydiving: 4 More Lessons

August 26, 2020

Our Icarus (now JYRO) Testies have been putting together their top tips on how to get current in skydiving. We’ve had the first 6 lessons on gear checks, packing refreshment, and emergency procedures. Read on for the final 4 lessons. 2-ways for days, debriefs (and cocktails), and finding that sweet spot.

7. Plan it, brief it, jump it

Stewy shares how to make an idiot-proof plan for your first jumps back after a break. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t include complicated 10-ways with multiple skill levels, joining a group in the loading area, or changing the jump in the plane! Stay safe out there kids.

8. Hit that Sweet Spot

Do you remember how to find that sweet spot? Sit in front of Stewy’s virtual blackboard for this refresher on one of the building blocks for safe canopy flight. Think you’re too experienced (READ: cool) and it’s irrelevant to you? It’s not.

9. What to Jump???

Getting a bit excited after a break and think you’re ready to downsize? Or feeling a bit nervous and thinking of upsizing? Stewy takes us through what canopy you should be jumping when you’re getting current in Lesson 9 of our #IcarusBackToSky series.

10. Debrief & Cocktails

The last of our ten-part series on getting current, this #IcarusBackToSky lesson focuses on how to debrief yourself and your canopy flight effectively after a jump. Where did your preparation help? What could you have done better? And what did you completely blow out of the park like a total swoop god despite your currency status?

And that concludes our series on how to get current in skydiving

We’ve had lots of fun making these videos for you all! Getting to see Stewy walk around in a school uniform has certainly been a highlight. However, nothing has beaten our first jump back after lockdown. We’d love to hear how your first jumps have been, so leave a comment below!


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