Best of Skydiving Videos: JYRO

December 20, 2021

Best of skydiving videos brought to you byJYRO (Previously NZ Aerosports). Our best of videos since 2017… All in one place so you can feast yours eyes. And get some FOMO feels going. If this doesn’t make you wanna pack your rig and get your butt to the local DZ, then… 

JYRO Skydiving is F#%@ING Awesome

Our athletes, mates and  JYRO (Previously NZ Aerosports) pilots getting back to creating F&%$ Yeah! moments around the world. Here’s the best of 2021 – so far…. Even amidst lockdowns and a worldwide pandemic, the stoke continues for JYRO athletes and pilots – making the most of the times they can be outdoors and jumping out of planes. We’re taking a moment to celebrate the freedom of flight they’re experiencing, and inviting you to join us. Wishing you love and adventures whatever your situation is right now.


Read about some of the stunts featured in our videos: Best Skydiving Stunts: 3 Examples from JYRO Athletes

Best of Skydiving | 2020

The silver lining of the crazy year that was 2020. Some of the epic moments our friends, pilots and athletes salvaged from the rubble of quarantines and lockdowns…thank you to all of you for finding the fun to be had even in the darkest times. We also had a global “Weatherhold” in the year that everyone will remember. What did you do in quarantine?

Best of Skydiving | 2019

Just when we thought awesome couldn’t could get any awesomer, 2019 came around. And along with it came new distance records, speed records, displays, jumps into remote sandbars and boat parties, tacos in freefall and a ton of swoops and adventures. Celebrate with us as we look back on our athletes best moments of 2019.

Best of Skydiving | 2018

Another banger of a year for our JYRO (Previously NZ Aeropsorts) Athletes and pilots. We’ve got a CRW formation being used as a target for XRW. Skydivers getting handsy with each other for a World Record. There’s was a small competition in Australia, not a big one, just a World Championship. Oh and that’s just for starters. Awesome skydiving that couldn’t be more awesomer if it tried.

Best of Skydiving | 2017

Yewwww, we don’t know about you, but watching this video again we’re getting tingles. Mountain XRW, display jumps in the most epic of locations, unicorn accuracy and Zebras flying through the sky. Our JYRO (Previously  NZ Aerosports) Athletes and pilots sure know how to push them boundaries. Oh, and have fun doing it. #TheresFunToBeHad

And a few extra compilations to titillate the senses



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