Aftermarket Linesets

April 29, 2019

Aftermarket linesets can be an attractive option when you start adding up the price of skydiving. But is it worth it? We asked our Team what their thoughts on buying from an alternative lineset maker.

From your concerned Kiwi parents…

We would like to talk about one of the many metaphorical elephants in the room when it comes to gear servicing.

There is always hot debate about how long a lineset should last vs how long it actually lasts, what line type should I get, what colour is going to make me swoop faster etc etc; but we don’t always stop to think about where our linesets come from.

Do you buy your linesets from the original manufacturer, or do you go with aftermarket linesets? We here at NZA (now JYRO) are very confident that each lineset is made with love and then thoroughly quality controlled to ensure each and every lineset is made to within spec – ready to give your canopy that new lease of life it deserves. We send out a line-sheet with all of the linesets ordered from us as a tool for riggers to ensure the canopy has been relined correctly.


As much as we are trying to take over the world; sadly we can’t take responsibility for any linesets not made within the confines of our factory. The reason for that is simple… We didn’t make it, and it has not undergone our quality control procedure. There are some exceptionally talented riggers in the world (we work with many of you and thank you for your work) making perfect linesets, however we have also seen some crazy shit.

So as always, when it comes to your safety we just want to make sure you know where your lineset comes from, and that the lineset is to the line specification of your canopy.

Poorly trimmed canopies can cause a whole world of struggle for the pilot; ranging from poor openings, all the way through to extreme cases like canopy collapses, which is some really scary shit on a high performance canopy or any canopy for that matter!


A huge part of our R&D focuses on testing THE best trim for a particular canopy to get the best performance while staying safe. We did all the scary stuff so you don’t have too!

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being able to offer custom sized canopies to suit, this also means each and every size comes with a custom sized lineset.

We are not here to tell you what to do – but to further the education on topics that go beyond ‘’Why don’t my Vectran 300 lines last for 500 jumps?!?’’ Start asking questions like ‘’Where did my lineset come from?”, ‘’Does it meet the specs of the line sheet?’’, ‘’Have I watched the latest episode of the NZ Aerosports (now JYRO) Test jump diaries?’’

Order a Sport Lineset here


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