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6 Lessons on How to Get Current for Skydiving

July 9, 2020

As the world, skies and dropzones keep opening up to the new normal, the Chris’s have put together a wee #BackToSky lesson plan for any time you need to get current, now or in the future.

Get Current With Us

Currency is key for safety. We’ll start with a direct quote from the USPA Skydiver’s Information Manual concerning licensed skydivers returning to jumping after a break. Here’s what it says:

  1. Skydivers returning after a long period of inactivity encounter greater risk that requires special consideration to properly manage.
  2. Care should be taken to regain or develop the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to satisfactorily perform the tasks planned for the jump.
  3. Jumps aimed at sharpening survival skills should precede jumps with other goals.

Scroll down to check out the #IcarusBackToSky lessons and see where you might need a slight refresher! Here are the first 6 lessons, more to come soon!

1. Dust off the Backpack

First up, let’s dust off those backpacks… Stewy pulls out his rig and canopy and goes through checking all the main attachment points, rubber bands, pilot chute and even a sniff test. Never given your canopy the sniff test? Better watch and see 😉

2. Check Them Strings

The very animated and enthusiastic Professor Snelly takes you through how to check your lines and what to watch out for before you take to the skies after a break.

3. 3-Rings to Rule Them All

The upbeat Professor Snelly and Stewy go over the rights and wrongs of 3-rings, RSLs, skyhooks and pins in the third episode of our #IcarusBackToSky series.

4. Pack & Hydrate

Since this is a #getcurrent series for existing skydivers, we trust you all know how to pack your canopy already. So in the theme of the recent quarantine, we have a challenge for you – a Pack & Chug. Pull this one out whenever you need a little er, inspiration, to pack.

5. Failure Management Practise

“MALFUNCTION!” Arch, Look, Locate, Peel Pull Right, Peel Pull Left, Arch, 1000, 2000, 3000….! Whatever style emergency procedures you use, it’s always a good time to review them when you’re heading back to the sky after a break. Stewy takes you through a few things to remember in Lesson 5.

6. Revise & Plan Landing Pattern

It’s always a good time to revise and plan your canopy flight, current or not. So take a few minutes from your day to huddle around Stewy’s virtual blackboard as he gives a quick landing pattern refresher. Make sure to also read 25 ways to become a better canopy pilot here!



Recurrency Training section of the USPA Skydiver’s Information Manual

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