10 skydiving Instagram accounts to follow

September 1, 2020

10 skydiving Instagram accounts to follow during 2020


Wanna follow some cool skydiving Instagram accounts? We’ve got you sorted! We went through our following list, followers and hashtags to give you a diverse list of ‘grammers. Check out our suggestion of 10 skydiving Instagram accounts to start following below.



1. Cornelia Mihai | @cornelia_mihai


We love this lady! And honestly, there is nothing Cornelia cannot do! Her main discipline, canopy piloting, is one of the most male-dominated areas of the sport but that hasn’t slowed her down. If you only choose to follow one of our suggestions, Cornelia’s Instagram account is the one.




2. Brandon Johnson | @flyingjohnson


Brandon Johnson, A.K.A, the Pando is one badass flyer. When he isn’t taking his Princess for long swoops, he’s zooming through the sky and hanging out with Will Smith. Follow him here.




3. Robin Jandle | @robin_jandle


Another badass female canopy pilot to follow on Instagram. Robin’s feed is filled with epic pond swooping shots, hanging out with friends and beautiful photos of her home country. Let’s face it, she lives in Jurassic Park, so we’re totally digging her IG account. Plus her surname is the official footwear of New Zealand. Add her to your follow list here.




4. Riley Marshall | @therileymarshall


Want a fun-loving all-round adventuring account to follow? Then @therileymarshall is the one for you! Her grid is full to the brim of fun photos and videos showing a true love of life. We can’t get enough of Riley! Plus, she works for UPT and who doesn’t love those guys?




5. Red Bull Skydive Team | @redbullskydiveteam


It’s pretty clear when scrolling through their feed that these boys know a thing or two about having fun. BASE, wingsuiting, freeflying, balloon jumps, speed ball Red Bull can jumps, etc. The list goes on. And on. The main core of the team – Max, Marco, Marco & Felix – shows a super tight friendship and gives a new meaning to the word ‘bromance’. Leeeeegends. Have a look for yourself! You won’t be disappointed…




6. Alethia Austin | @alethiaja


This gorgeous lady has such a fun Instagram account! Alethia is a super rad flyer, has the prettiest Crossfire 3 in the business, and jumps in cowboy boots. What’s not to love! Check out her account to see for yourself.




Paulo Pires | @paulopiresff


Oh Paulo! Who gets to jump in one of the most insane places we’ve ever seen! His feed is full of him jumping over gorgeous scenery, his beautiful family, and plenty of big-way freefly jumps. Follow his Instagram account here.




8. Vitor Benassi | @vitorbenassi


Vitor Benassi’s Instagram feed is full to the brim with amazing skydiving images. It’s clear that is his passion in life. He loves all aspects of skydiving, freefly, photography, and especially wingsuiting. He’s got some cracking shots of his Kraken! Check him out here.




9. Gonçalo Resende | @frickflyer


Gonçalo Resende is only 19 years old, but with over 3000 jumps, he is storming ahead of the rest! He loves skydiving and he loves JYRO (Previously NZ Aerosports) canopies! He has some awesome shots of him flying the sh%t out of his Petra. Plus, he provides short instructional videos on things like camera basics. Top that up with a cheeky sense of humour and you can’t go wrong with giving this guy a follow on Instagram.




10. Marley Nolan-Duncan | @flyabout82


Lastly, but definitely not least, we have Marley Nolan-Duncan. His feed is varied with lots of surfing, outdoor adventures, and plenty of fun. Our favourite post? His epic shot of him flying a huge Mobs flag over Skydive Ramblers in Australia. He is Australia’s first Indigenous to make the Australian Canopy Piloting Team and have a skydiving school in the works.




More Skydiving Instagram Accounts


We’ve loved going through our Instagram feed and giving our suggestions on who to follow! But there is always more! If you’re new to skydiving and want to know who the big names are, head to our Instagram account and see who we are following.

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